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Starting with a new tablet

Our tablets have been used for over 18 months now.  So to start this new session we are going to reset them to their orignial factory condition. Before doing this, is there anything that needs to be kept? When they are reset, they will start up and then prompt for a gmail account which is […]

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Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a way of communicating with people via  instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP.  It has been designed to bring all the communication tools into one place.   It may already be installed on your device, if not, go to the play store and install it. Then go through the different explanation screens. You can add […]

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Week 2 – tapping and apps

The first exercise today is to test how good your finger control is! Go to this link.  Once complete you will be in command of your fingers!  Apps and the Store Apps on your tablet are also logged on your google playstore account and do not get deleted from there.  It appears that deleting an […]

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Setting up a gmail account

A gmail or google mail email account is almost essential when using an android based tablet. Introduction in your browser go to click on Create an account complete the details After typing in your preferred username move to the next field to check its availability write down your password have a mobile number handy […]

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WiFi (it’s not an acronym) can be defined as a facility allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area. The term Hotspot is used to define an area where Wi-Fi access is available. There is a wifi hotspot within the Boot and Slipper. […]

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Connecting to the internet at home and work normally requires having broadband access. Broadband refers to a communication bandwidth such as “at least 256kbits/s”.  The wider (or broader) the bandwidth of a channel, the greater the information-carrying capacity, given the same channel quality.  So the broad in broadband can mean different things according to whom is talking […]

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