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Facebook Messenger

from 2014: what you can use it for: Is messenger safe? Despite what you’ve heard, Facebook’s Messenger app isn’t going to call or message your friends or use your device’s camera to see what you’re up to. For one thing, Facebook would get into HUGE trouble if it did, and it wouldn’t be tricky to […]

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Finding Friends on Facebook

Search for friends: You can search for your friends by typing their names or email addresses in the search bar.  You can also click on the friends icon and then click on the plus symbol. Enter your friend’s name, email or phone number in the search bar at the top of any Facebook page. Click […]

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Peel Smart Remote

Taken straight from the app store – it should be on all our devices.  If not download it!  It is also available for iPad! This Remote Changes Everything! Peel Smart Remote (formerly Smart Remote) revolutionizes your home entertainment experience by combining universal remote control and live or streamed TV listings into one simple-to-use app. This […]

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My Google Account on a computer

Using your google account on a tablet gives you access to a ride range of apps and features.  It is a useful exercise to see what is going on on a large screen, namely through a computer.  You can also do this on a tablet.  Do not use the Samsung browser to try and log […]

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settings – exercises part 2

More on the details within your settings! 14 Location Different apps use the location services of your device.  When you first set the app up it will ask you if you want to use location services.  Often that gives you the best features, but it might also be a secuirty risk created by other people […]

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Your YouTube account

When you search and watch videos on YouTube you have the option to watch them later and if you want to keep them you can then add them to a playlist that you have previously created or create a new playlist. This then give you the opportunity to play them back later. Go to your […]

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Google Drive and One Drive

One Drive and Google Drive are two of the most commonly used online or cloud storage systems for keeping your files and synchronising them between your devices.  They both require you to have accounts and both have apps that you can download from the play store. We are going to download both these apps and […]

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…and why do you want to use it? firstly, YouTube is part of Google and so if you have a gmail account which is logged in on your tablet, you will be logged in to YouTube.  If not, get logged in! Open YouTube and log in. All the options and setting are on the screen.  […]

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