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More about asking questions and troubleshooting than just learning… but really useful and informative – and fun!


Bluetooth is a way of exchanging data wirelessly over short distances, and is an attempt to do away with your computer’s jungle of wiring. Using a special radio frequency to transmit data, it creates a short range network. It is very secure and can connect up to eight devices (items of electronic equipment) at the […]

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Meter Reading apps

Your tablet/phone can have practical uses. Many of the major utility have apps to monitor and mesure your energy use… look out for the parking  app on the list helps you find your car and sets a timer so you’ll never run out of time on the meter! Media Utilities MYCOLORSCREEN Utility Meter Reader Next […]

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Norton, famous for its PC antivirus software have 10 apps to help protect your android device.  Watch out tough as some are trials which you have to pay for after 30 days. Many of the utilities they offer are available free from 3rd parties.

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Evaluating answers for ERYC

As part of our project we are being asked to evaluate the ease with which information can be obtained from the East Riding of Yorkshire council website.  Answers can be narrative and offer constructive suggestions for improvement.  Please try these questions on the council’s website and see how easy or difficult it is to obtain […]

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Apps for older people

Without being specific about age, what follows is a few apps recommended from the web for older people.  None are specifically endorsed here, but others have put the effort into researching them: SENIORS PHONE download Seniors Phone for Android Are you an Android user? Do you find that there’s just too much happening on the screen to make […]

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Using Google Drive with your Android tablet

Your android tablet is linked to one (or more) google accounts and consequently you have all the benefits of using google at your fingertips. There are many features that you can use from your google account on a PC as well as on your tablet. Your tablet should already be linked with a Google account. […]

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Adding & Editing Google Profile details

With a Google account you get a wide range of services.  When you first sign in you will note a range of buttons on the top right hand side of the screen. is the link to the Google + account is the link to wide range of online google apps connected to your account is […]

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Samsung Account

Make the most of the Samsung applications available to you by setting up a Samsung account. Once you have created your account you can set it to auto backup your device. You now have access to Samsung’s own apps store; just tap on the samsung app. You can sign in (this will need a password); […]

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Factory Data Reset

Circumstances may arise when you are giving/returning or selling your tablet.  You will want to remove all the data and apps you have installed or purchased. Make sure you have a backup of everything you want.  Check that the backup files and any other data exists elsewhere! Go to settings. Tap backup and reset. Choose […]

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