What have we been doing

When the project started we borrowed 10 Samsung Galaxy 2 tablets from the Adult Education Service to run training.  The first job was to configure the tablets which gave everyone the opportunity to learn all different aspects of using a tablet.

Pretty much everyone who came along had no experience of tablets and some didn’t have any experience of computers at all.  So, there was a lot to learn, but everyone was in it together and so no pressure was put on anyone.

After the first 10 weeks, we used the grant money to buy our own tablets for the group.  These were better than the original tablets and we used the experience of the first sessions to set up 10 different tablets with 10 unique identities.

To start off with no one thought they were getting anywhere, but soon the regular weekly sessions started to have effect and people started to understand about tablets, email, the internet and much more.  Now people have a wide range of knowledge on all aspects of technology and tablets.  Many people now have their own tablets and have installed Broadband at home!

We run sessions every Thursday for two hours.  Between 12 and 20 people turn up and have a coffee and a biscuit and a tablet (electronic).  Some people bring their own tablets (including iPads), others share.  The sessions are a mix of demonstration, watching a video and most importantly doing things with the tablets.  There are so many different things to do and learn and loads of different things are covered from using a browser to sharing photos to changing settings.

Everyone learns at their own pace and there is no pressure.  The group is very friendly and those who have more skill help those who have less skill.  There is a tutor who helps out and structures each session.  All the sessions are put on our website.

You have to pay £6.00 per session, but the first one is free!  Everyone is welcome.  You don’t have to come from the village to come along and you will be most welcome.