What to do with your old devices?

Firstly, is your tablet worth selling? Check it out at:




and ebay: look at the Completed Listing section to establish how much similar items are going for. Hit the Advanced tab in the search box, type in the specific term

and before you sell it, make sure to “clean it”

Back up your data

During your time with your soon-to-be-sold tablet, you’ve probably collated a lot of information. There’ll likely be photos, contacts, notes, documents, app records, music, video and podcasts you probably want to keep and load onto your replacement device.  On Android (may vary depending on model): Settings > Personal > Backup and Reset > Backup & reset.

If you’re using an Apple iPad you can back up your data using iCloud or iTunes

Now you need to clean/reset your device.

On Android (may vary depending on model): Settings > Personal > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset.

This will mean any photos you’ve taken, apps you’ve downloaded, accounts you’re logged into or websites you’ve browsed will be removed from the tablet. It’ll also remove any passcodes that could prevent the new owner accessing their device.

However, you could simply put your device to a different use:

Digital cookbook: just leave it in the kitchen to look up recipes

Digital photo frame: try Dayframe (Photos & Slideshow) or Fotoo Digital Photo Frame PhotoSlideshow Player

Family Calendar/notes: just stick your tablet onto a wall and use an app like ColorNote Notepad Notes

Security Camera:

To setup your Android phone as a security camera:

  • Download IP Webcam from Google Play to the old device.
  • Launch IP Webcam and set your video preferences, effects, power management settings, and motion or sound detecting, if desired.
    • To broadcast the stream remotely, register or sign in to Ivideon, test compatibility and enable the cloud stream.
  • To start the stream, select Start server at the very bottom of the app.
  • To view the stream:
    • Find the provided IP address and port number on the phone setup as a security camera. From another device (computer, smartphone, or tablet), enter the IP address in the address bar of the Web browser.
    • If you setup an Ivideon cloud stream, from a computer, visit ivideon.com and sign in.

Apple have an equivalent called manything

A very good alternative is Alfred Video Surveillance but it does need Android 6

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