Back to Basics

Although many users gain experience and familiarity with their devices, it tends to focus on those things which they use all the time.  The challenge for today is to show and share your knowledge with those who may have forgotten or may never know.

To start with, do you have the Android Crib Sheet?

What is the settings app?

How do you access it?

What is the notification area?

Can you make any changes here?

Can you go through the sheet and show/explain to a colleague what each function means and how it works.

Secondly, have you got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 manual?   You can download it as a word document here.

A few questions for you?


How many networks can you see?

What are you seeing?

How do you “forget” a network? What does this mean?


What is pairing? Pair with your neighbour? What are the numbers for? What can bluetooth be used for?

Data Usage

What does it mean?

Looking at the data you can see which apps use most.  What happens when you adjust the timespan? How much data has been downloaded today?


Wallpaper – change your wall paper

Note the notification panel, timeout and smart screen

Does legibility work?


What is this?

Lock Screen

What’s the most important thing to remember when changing your security access?

What are the lock screen options?

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