Selling online 2

Using Amazon and eBay to buy and sell online is easy, but still involves using money online, organising delivery etc.  As an exercise we are going to set up a local online sale using Gumtree.

You will need to install the Gumtree app on your device and then set up an account, using the tablet email address and the boot and slipper as the user address.  If we fail to set up seperate accounts for everyone, we will simply set up a single account and then everyone can log in to that single account.

With gumtree it is most often the case that items are sold locally and buyers come and collect the items paying cash.  This is what we are going to try and do.

Once the app is installed, you will have to go through the set up process.

Using the Gumtree app, can you identify what is available for sale locally?  How fare do you have to expand your search to see anything?

Now we go back to the drawing board.  Working in groups round your tables, identify the products that you are going to sell.  You need to be able to describe them and then give them a value.  Use the internet to give you some idea of how much each might be worth.  Is a similar product available for sale on ebay?

So, having put together a description, including the dimensions, colour, weight etc. you can now photograph the object (different angles etc) a few times, say 4 and ready yourself to upload the images and write in the description.

These items can stay for sale with proceeds going to boot-it… but you will need to monitor the account.

Handling a sale then becomes easy with the buyer contacting you either by text or eamil and then arranging a viewing a agreeing a price.  They come and pick it up. However, you need to beware of people coming to your own home if you feel vulnerable and you need to be aware that some people have been paid with fake notes in the past.



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