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Buying online has become one of the most important ways to trade in the world.

It doesn’t have to be physical things that you buy, it can be services including paying bills such as your TV licence.

In order to buy online, you need to have a payment method which might involve using a credit or debit card or possibly a payment services such as PayPal.  PayPal is a secure service and incurs no charge when you buy, only when you sell.  PayPal works best if it is linked to one of your cards or your bank account.

However, you may want to limit access to your financial details by setting up an independent “top up” or prepaid card.

But that is not what we are looking at today.  We are going to sell online.  Not as a business, but as an individual.

Most people have heard of ebay…

There are a number of YouTube videos which explain the whole process of setting up an account which you will need to both buy and sell on ebay.

and Amazon…

both of these are important tools when selling on the internet.

We are not going to sell on ebay, but we are going to look at ebay on the internet.

Download the ebay app from the play store.




Now download local deals (local deal finder for eBay)

Use these apps to find what people are selling locally.

Now download the amazon app for tablets and see what they might have for sale.


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