Microsoft Office

Microsoft have released a series of free Apps for Android which reflect their main office software, namely Word, Excel, Outlook, Onenote and Powerpoint.

You have to download them individually from the Play Store.

When you have downloaded the app you are asked to set up a microsoft account.which you can skip.  This means that you will only be able to save your work on your tablet or email it to yourself.  If you have a personal Microsoft account and your own device you can log in and when you save to One Drive (their cloud storage facility) it will synchronise with any other device you have registered and logged in.

The features in each of the products are designed to reflect those in the full computer based programs, but are restricted to the most important one.  However, it does mean that you could talk a document to your tablet and then send it to your home account by email for example.

We will do this as a demonstration, using Word.

If you have time you could create a Powerpoint presentation to run as a Christmas message!

Polaris Office, supplied with the tablets was a worthy contender for android office apps.

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