Apps and how to get them

We have installed some apps on the tablets a few weeks ago.  There are millions of apps that you can install and not all of them are on the Google Play store.  However, if you choose to install an app from somewhere else, you need to be sure it is reputable and does not contain anything viral.

 In order to download them you may need to change some of the settings on your device.  You may then have to download the APK (Android Package File) and run it.

Full instructions.

Below are a list of reputable sources:

There is also an app which recommends the best apps to you.  Install it (Best Apps Market) and see what it suggests!

We have suggested a number of apps in the past.  Here are some of the links:

And because it’s Christmas why not try and find some specific apps for the festive season.  Go to the play store, click on Apps and then type relevant words in the search bar at the top.  What looks good?  Install and try!


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