Google Play Store – menu options

When you open the Google Play app you get a number of options.

At the top is your account detail.  Note the email address.  This is your gmail address associated with this phone and playstore account and gives you access to a variety of services and apps on a variety of devices.

It holds a list of all the apps you have downloaded in the past, even those which may not be on your current device under My apps & games.

Check out what’s there.  What’s not installed?  Are any updates required?  Why not install them when you come to the Boot and Slipper with fast broadband and free access?

Going down the list you can see a variety of types of things you can buy, many of which have special apps to play them.  Is Google Play books installed on your tablet?

Have a look at Account.  Have you got Google Play Rewards installed?

If you want to make sure that someone doesn’t use your account for paying for things, you should turn on authentication. Authentication means certain information, like a password, must be entered on your device to make a purchase. Authentication settings apply only to the active account on the device where you add them. If you use your Google Account on more than one device, repeat the steps for each device. If you use multiple accounts on your device, repeat the steps  for each account on the device. If you are using different types of device, you can find more information here.

Change authentication settings on your mobile device
Open the Google Play Store app  .
Tap Menu   Settings.
Tap Require authentication for purchases.
Choose a setting.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Note: To change authentication settings you will need your Google password.

Have a look at Google Family.  This allows you to share your content with up to 5 family members. You have to set up your family and then invite them.  They obviously have to respond.  By default everything is shared, but you can stop that and unshare everything and then share only what you want.  This means that one person can buy a film for example and 5 family members can share that content.  There are numerous settings which can be changed.

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