Google Play Store – introduction

Prevously on Boot-IT we have looked at The Android Play Store.  Now we will look in more detail.

The Google Play Store has this:

  • Apps & games for Android devices and Chromebooks.
  • Movies & TV shows which you can rent or buy.
  • Music for purchase or streaming subscriptions.
  • Digital books.
  • News and publication subscriptions.

When you get apps from the Store, you can use them on your device. When you get music, movies, books and other digital content from the Store, other Google Play apps let you play, listen, watch, or read.  Note that you can also get some apps on Apple devices which allow you to access some of the items above.

Google Play product Where you can use it
Google Play Store Google Play
Google Play Books Play Books
Google Play Games Play Games
Google Play Movies & TV Play Movies
Google Play Music Play Music
Google Play Newsstand Play Newsstand

You can also manage your apps on your account in the play store.  If you get stuck, you can get more information from the UK Google Play Help Centre


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