Google Backup and Sync

  • This tool replaces Google Drive and Google photos desktop uploader for computers.
  • You can configure what you want to sync by choosing specific folders and you can choose what folders you want to keep offline.
  • When you delete something on your computer, you can choose whether or not to delete it on google drive.
  • If you choose to upload your photos with “high quality”, you get unlimited space for them (up to 16Mb & 1080p videos).
  • You can also auto backup memory sticks when you plug them into your computer.

Although a brilliant tool, you only get the standard 15Gb of standard drive storage AND although anything you sync is scanned for viruses, any file encrypted with something like Cryptolocker will also be sync’ed.  This means that it will not protect you from file encryption viruses.  Theoretically there is a version control mechanism, but there is debate as to how effective it is and what files it works with (it is suggested that it only works with Google created data).

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