More on Chrome – searching with Google’s I’m feeling lucky

Google’s Chrome has some very interesting features which you can use to impress (well, be entertained anyway).  They do not however appear to work on the android version of Chrome.  However, one of the features in Chrome for android is the option to request the desktop version of a website.

Open Chrome, go to settings and tick the desktop version box.

Now go to and you should have two buttons underneath the search box, google search and I’m feeling lucky.

In the bottom right hand corner of your screen you will have a menu option called settings.  Tap it and then turn off instant results.  Save your settings.

Take each of the phrases below and enter them into the box (don’t choose to autocomplete the phrase) and then tap on I’m feeling lucky (don’t tap on search or press enter). when you’ve seen and played, press the back button to try the next one.

Watch and respond!

  • Google gravity

  • Do a barrel roll

  • annoying google

  • The answer to life the universe and everything

  • play breakout on google

  • epic google

  • googoth

  • google pacman

  • google guitar

  • google water

  • google pirates

  • google rainbow

  • elgoog

  • google in 1980

  • google pond (may need flash and so might not work)

  • google in space

  • flip a coin

  • and just press search after these

  • find chuck norris

  • anagram

  • webdriver torso

  • bletchley park

  • spinner

  • solitaire

  • tic tac toe

and then go to these pages…

The Revolving Google:








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