General Committee minutes – 25/1/2016

PRESENT:      J.Fletcher (JF) Chairman; N.Spencer (NS) Secretary; Mrs. J.Toes (JT) Treasurer; A.Tennant (AT) Trustee; J.Shepherd (JS) PC; P.Strong (PS) member; B.Malin (BM) member; B.Furness (BF) member; C.Smith (CS) honorary member/tutor.




The  Minutes of the meeting held 26th. October 2015 were read. JF proposed and AT seconded that they were a true record. All agreed


  • Digital Eagles have been asked to return if possible towards the end of the Spring Term
  • NHS-PGP – John Plaistowe (JP) of the Pocklington Patients Participation Group was fielded by the PGP. It transpires that the PGP do not have any dedicated IT personnel, consequently JP suggested that he would invite a representative of the Club to their meetings.
  • ERYC – Jane Collinson has advised that her replacement will be Julie Arnold.


Tabled the December 2015 Quarterly Report to the ERYC. Average numbers have been steady at 14 during the last quarter.


As per AGM


  • JS reminded the committee that the Parish Council (PC) website, which he runs, is available for use.
  • JS – The PC have concerns over the reliability of the Tablets. CS confirmed that they will function quite adequately for the PC for at least another 5 years.
  • JS – Committee to consider ways of selling on its expertise.
  • JS – questioned whether the Boot&Slipper made a profit from the use of its premises by the Club. AT assured him that his costs were covered.
  • CS – Check with Julie Arnold (JA) the current situation regarding on-line services in ERYC. The Club should have at least a 10 year life in front of it whilst it retains its uniqueness. Is well thought of within the ERYC.
  • CS – John Brown has requested that he be given a 10 minute slot on a Thursday to promote Health World. No objections.

NS – Enquired if on the occasions Lauren and Dan assist members that they had any tangible recognition. AT confirmed that was the case. Suggested that when they are present all members, especially the newer intakes, are aware they will assist as required.

Discussion took place regarding the seating arrangements as the 21st. January meeting reached 21. Agreed to look at before next meeting. JS suggested that another venue such as the Village Hall may have to be considered if numbers grew further. It was felt that the current room configuration could be changed to suit.

NS – mentioned that the Clerk had advised him the PC now owned the BT phone box on Chapel Street and wished to meet inorder to correlate ideas for its use. JS commented he could not sanction this approach or use of the Clerk’s time. No further discussion.


Monday, 11th. April 2016

Chairman closed the meeting at 2035

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