Committee meeting 25/7/2019


25th July 2019 Committee Meeting


J.Fletcher (JF) Chairman; N.Spencer (NS) Secretary;. Janet Toes (JT)Treasurer; Bronya Emmison(BE), Press&Publicity Officer; A.Tennant (AT) Trustee; Chris Smith (CS) Hon.Member; PC Lauren Gibbons (LG) Tutor Asst.;.. Bob Furness (BF) member.Barry Malin (BM) member


Steve Clark PC. (SC);




The Minutes of the meeting held 13th. May 2019 were read. LG proposed and BF seconded that they were a true record. All agreed.


  • Party Liability still to progress. On going
  • Banner – Thanks to BE for organizing the banner which all agreed was of a tasteful design. SC to obtain a ruling from the PC as to where it could be sited to best advantage within the village .On- going. BE now a parish cllr. – will explore contacts with the ERYC
  • Smart phone – Sim card supplied
  • . Pens – all those for sale have been sold.


  • Average attendance for this term to date is 11 Maximum has been 20, but the overall count was reduced by one meeting at which there were only 11 members.
  • .New members are now consistently coming from Stamford Bridge and Dunnington..


There were still some invoices to come in from the Boot-IT and the Press&Publicity officer

Accounts for the Lottery bid have to be finalized by the 31st. August this year.


Proposal to order a replacement computer for LG as Tutor’s assistant, plus purchase sticky labels and plastic covers. Proposed NS, seconded JT. Agreed with a budget maximum of £500.00


All 11 have been completed and are now at the printers at approximately £350.00

Committee acknowledged the hard work that BE has put in over this task.

Disclaimers have been added to most copies, others will require a sticker.

The roll out of the “pilot” remains the date of the meeting, 25th. July 2019.

  • Suggestion that an e-reminder be given to all new members on their second visit plus one per week thereafter was agreed.
  • Couples would receive a 20% fee reduction.


Autumn Term dates are 26th. September to 5th. December -1/2 term is w/c 28th. October.


  • New members – secretary supplied post meeting a figure of 39.

A far ranging discussion included advertising in the Parish Magazines with special attention to the closing dates for insertions.

500 of the ‘black cards’ are being printed.

Request that Boot-IT be mentioned at the ERA of RCB meeting in September.

Re structuring of the sessions will include an ‘Absolute Beginners’ session for the first hour starting on 26th. September with a ‘Boot-IT Plus’ led by CS on the final date of the term

The ‘Beginners’ programme to be structured and ready for marketing in the Winter term.

Agreed that a note to this effect would be put into the Parish News fro both the October/November and December/January issues.


Monday, 21st. October 2019 . 1900 at the Boot&Slipper

Chairman closed the meeting at 1340


















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