Committee Meeting – 11th. April 2016

PRESENT:    J.Fletcher (JF) Chairman; N.Spencer (NS) Secretary; Mrs. J.Toes (JT) Treasurer; A.Tennant (AT) Trustee; C.Smith (CS) honorary member/tutor.

J.Shepherd (JS) PC;


The  Minutes of the meeting held 25th. January 2016 were read. JF proposed and AT seconded that they were a true record. All agreed

Digital Eagles have confirmed that the earliest date for another visit will be either 22nd or 29th. September
Seating arrangements – Last meeting had 21 members and everyone sorted the seating amongst themselves to advantage. (New shelf for the instructional monitor was tested and found to be very satisfactory thanks to AT and the tallest member of the Committee!)
ERYC – Julie Arnold will be represented by Roger Tomlin
ERYC – online services. CS in contact with  Simon Laurie and will report progress at next meeting. We remain held in high esteem by the ERYC as we are the only club of its type in the East Riding.

2015 final report to ERYC was approved.
Clerk to PC confirms that the 2016 grant cheque is in the PC a/c and will be transferred shortly.
‘On Your Doorstep’ has asked if we wish to take out another advert in May – decided to decline.
Chance to advertise during the 23rd. week-end locally.
CS will produce summer term leaflet if time allows.
Tesco – AT has been handed notice by Tesco that the on-line shopping twice weekly delivery service is being stopped due to lack of support – suggested that we look at other local supermarkets, possibly Morrisons, that may wish to fill the gap. It was recognised that the service requires a higher profile within the community in order to be successful.

Balance at Bank at conclusion of Spring Term: £522.67.
£76.60 raised in the Boot&Slipper grateful thanks to Andy & John

ERYC – 2016 Funding Application:
The 2015/2016 ERYC Contract tabled. Grant donation of £1000.00 approved.

SUMMER TERM – dates:
Dates are compatible with members – 10 week term

FEES – set tariff:
Although average attendance figures had risen to 17 during the Spring Term, there continued to be a  small financial shortfall over a 10 week term. Discussed the possibility of raising the extra by holding the occasional raffle on Club mornings. One idea was to sell the tablet pens for £1 ( new members gratis).
AT remarked that he was organising ‘Hook a Duck’ on the 23rd. which proceeds would benefit the School / Friends of the Fone Box / Boot-IT Club.
Fees to remain at £6.00 per session. Agreed.

CS raised the need to obtain contacts outside of the Club that might have synergy in helping to raise our profile.

Due to pressing family commitments the Secretary reluctantly handed in his notice. The end of Spring Term quarterly report for ERYC will be completed. Vote of thanks expressed by the Chair and was gratefully received.


Monday, 11th.July 2016

Chairman closed the meeting at 2040

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