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Most people are familiar with Microsoft Office or Libre Office.  Both of these suites of computer programs offer specific tools to write (word processing), manipulate and show figures (spreadsheets), make presentations (e.g. powerpoint) and undertake other tasks normally assoicated with working in an office.

The most important tool is probably the word processor which allows you to type (or talk/dictate) your letters and documents.

We are going to look at two of these on the tablets: Polaris and Microsoft products (which are very new).

We will start with Polaris Office which is already on your tablet:

This video, although out of date explains it well.

User guide.

There are a number of training videos for you to look at.

However, the most important aspect is trying it out.  Create a new text document (start Polaris, tap in the right hand corner).  When you have created a paragraph or two, we will look at the different options.

  • Tools
  • View mode
  • Edit mode

Save your document and exit.

We now need to look at Microsoft Word which is free to download from the Play Store, although it may already be installed on your device.

When you start Word you may be asked to log in to your outlook account and you may be asked if you want to connect Dropbox.  You need to sign in to use the program effectively.  However we do not want to connect to Dropbox.  If you are presented with security updates, please pause before moving on as each tablet will have to be updated separately.


We want to create a new document.  The menu options are very obvious and anyone familiar with Office on a desktop, all being visible from the editing screen.  Having entered a paragraph of text, save your document.

We can repeat the exercise with the other two Apps, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.

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