Autumn 2015 session topics

This list will be used as the guide for all the sessions.  We will try to work in sequence with the different sections although there may be a little “jumping” between topics.

  1. Back to basics – resetting the tablet
  2. Broadband, routers and wifi
  3. Finger control
  4. Gmail and the internet
  5. First time use – setting up an email account
  6. Desktop basics
  7. UK Online and Barclays Eagles
  8. Apps and Widgets
  9. Buying a tablet
  10. Basic Settings
  11. More email accounts
  12. Google Apps
  13. Using the browser
  14. More on browsers and the internet
  15. Antivirus and security
  16. Advanced settings
  17. Wifi and Bluetooth
  18. Printing
  19. Office Apps
  20. the Cloud
  21. Graphics apps and photography
  22. Flickr
  23. File management
  24. Communications including Skype
  25. Using Contacts
  26. How to troubleshoot your tablet




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