Apps, apps and more apps

In a break from the advertised, we are going to focus on apps today.

Previously we have looked at how to install apps and how to remove apps.

In addition to downloading apps from Google Play you can also download them from other places,

However you need to be aware of the risks of downloading apps, especially from other sources.  They may be “rogues” and so it is best to stick to the safer sources for downloading.

Here are some of the alternative options to the playstore

There are more than 1 million apps available, many of which are free.  Many of the free apps are “lite” meaning that they have less features or they may incorporate (irritating) advertising.

There are all sorts of different apps which can be put in different categories.  This can include games which may provide the opportunity to practice a range of skills in using a tablet.  There are also apps which may be more useful to older people.  The NHS even have recommended apps.

However, whatever the rest of the world recommends, everyone will always have an idea of what they think is best.  Below is a large list of apps which you may find useful.  Your task today is to choose a few and decide if they are worthwhile.  If so, keep them and tell everyone about them.  If not, uninstall them and tell everyone.  Make sure that you install at least one game and as with all the apps, try it out and make your own judgments.

These are previous posts on apps:

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Apps to explore

and these are the apps to look at…

These are just a few examples to supplement the other links. When you click on  a link, don’t just look at the app, look at the others that are recommended…

Spotify – music

VLC for Android – playing video/media files

Lifesum – food and exercise measurement

Google Fit – brings all your (fitness) activity info together

Endomondo Running Cycling Walk – manage your activity

Twilight – adapts screen colours to the time of day

SwiftKey Keyboard – predictive keyboard

Evernote – synchronise notes in all formats

Google Keep – Google’s evernote

Pushbullet – link your phone to your computer

IF – a sort of simple automating tool for android

Feedly – a way to bring together news and things (RSS)

Lumi – a clever way of throwing news at you

Vine – for making mini movies

Periscope – live video streams

Snapseed – photoediting

Google photos – for 15Gb of space

The Weather Channel – real-time rain and more

National Rail Enquiries – for journeys and delays

Crime Map – England and Wales – interesting

Zoopla – for property

Right Move – for property

Angry Birds – free game

Candy Crush Saga – free game

Wordfeud – free game

Soduku – free game



Local Ebay Deals


Echo 112


The National Trust

OS mapfinder

Sugar Smart

Face Swap


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