There are a huge number of different accounts that everyone has.

Start with bank accounts and then the list grows… utilities, services… the pub.

All are different systems which are personal to you and hold information relevant to you, whether it be how much money you have or how much you owe Andy.

On the internet, most day to day services now reflect traditional accounts with online accounts.  However, setting them up can be cumbersome and will require you to remember a variety of details to prevent your account being hacked.

What is a username?

an identification used by a person with access to a computer, network, or online service


Firstly you will need a username.  Often the username is set for you by using your email address.  So, if fact the first thing you need is an email address.

In either case, whatever the service being set up, you will need a password to go with the username.  That password will have to meet the strength requirements of the service provider and you will have to remember it and not disclose it!

and just a reminder…

Many online services then ask you a variety of other questions, such as date of birth, address and secret “security” questions.  Whatever you answer, make sure to have a copy of this information somewhere safe (in your head for example).  How many online accounts to you have?

When you buy an Android tablet or phone you are (virtually) forced to set up an account with Google.  This account will be an email address, but it then comes with a massive number of additional services, including YouTube and Google PlayStore.  Apple demand a similar thing with an account which will link you to the iCloud and possibly to Apps.  These accounts become critical for a number of reasons including:

  • to allow your phone or tablet to download apps
  • to access a variety of different (often free) services
  • to send and receive email
  • to locate your device
  • to backup pictures and work stored on your device

So, is the account you have connected to your device secure with a good password and do you know all the details?

How many online accounts do you have?

How many online accounts are on your phone or tablet as apps? 

If you were “compromised”, do you have a list of all the accounts you would have to change?


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