…and why do you want to use it?

firstly, YouTube is part of Google and so if you have a gmail account which is logged in on your tablet, you will be logged in to YouTube.  If not, get logged in! Open YouTube and log in.

All the options and setting are on the screen.  Note the the menu options at the top right hand side which include a magnifying glass for searching.  Can you find anything on Barmby Moor or on your own family?  how can you refine the search? When you have watched a video, how do you get back to the main screen? Have you maximised your video?

Settings: how to clear your playlists and search history.

Channels are basically set up by individuals and businesses which upload relevant videos.  By subscribing to the channels you can keep up to date with what they upload.

Your subscriptions will appear on your home page once you have set one up.

Creating a playlist by tapping the + symbol on a video and adding it to or creating a playlist.  It will appear on you account.  Look at the other settings.

Note in all instances how to go back and how to get rid…

How about creating your own video for the world to see…




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