Spring Cleaning – 2: removing apps

You can remove an app from your device simply by going to the app drawer:

Scroll through your apps, pick the one you want to remove, press and hold it.  You should see a bin or remove option appear at the top of the screen.  Drag the app on to it and it is removed from your device.

You could also go to settings, apps and then choose the app to uninstall.  different devices and different versions of Android handle the installation preocess a little differently, some automatically deleting the app from your account as well.

You will probably have more apps on your device than you use.  You can install an app which will track that usage, so allowing you to monitor the use of your device.

Try these apps:

QualityTime – My Digital Diet

App Usage – Manage/Track Usage

AppTracker – App Usage Tracker

having installed them and seen what they do, please uninstall at least two of them!

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