Skype enables voice and video communication over the internet.  Really it’s an internet video phone and is owned by Microsoft.  It’s free for communicating with other Skype users, but it is chargeable if you make call to non Skype devices (e.g. landlines).

Firstly download and install Skype from the play store.

Create an account.  It will pick up your gmail email address. Simply fill in your details.  Make sure you write down/remember your password.  An account may already exist for your Boot-IT tablet.

If an account exists for your tablet you will have to login with the right username and password.

Add a contact (easiest if you know their skype name).  Call or message them!

Navigating Skype on a tablet

The top line on your skype screen has the menu options.  Below that are thre sections, recent calls, favourites and then people.  Tapping the arrow next to people brings up you full contact list.


Tap the settings menu. skype settings icon

you can edit the following options:

  • Sync contacts: Choose how you’d like to synchronize your Skype contacts with your Android phonebook.
  • Notifications: Select which notifications you’d like to receive from the application. You can easily enable or disable receiving notifications on Skype events and features such as missed calls, new instant messages, status updates, and others.
  • Allow IMs from: Choose who you want to receive instant messages from. SelectContacts only to stop receiving instant messages from people you don’t know.
  • Receive calls from: Choose who you receive Skype calls from. Select Contacts only to stop receiving calls from people you don’t know.
    Answer calls automatically: Select this option to answer calls easier and faster. With this option enabled, you don’t have to tap any buttons to answer incoming calls.
  • Technical info: Select this to display technical call info. This will show you information such as sound volume, video quality, and bandwidth usage.
  • Video quality: Select high or low video quality according to your connection.


Tapping on the little person or image next to the settings takes you to your profile summary from where you can view your profile.  Your profile contains all your details.  As you scroll down the screen you can edit your profile details by tapping.  To actually make changes you will need to click on the edit button.

You can also choose a number of extra items here including the opportunity to get a skype phone number which will enable people to call you from land lines.  However, this incurs a charge just like a landline (around £4.00 per month).  So why would you do this?  Say you went to New York for 2 months and you want people in the UK to keep in touch and they didn’t all have Skype.  All you do is set up a UK phone number with Skype and when people call you they will only be charged UK landline rates (not international rates). It includes voicemail.

You cannot change your skype username.  To find out wat it is you have to  tap on your profile. It is also displayed on your profile picture.

To set a profile picture, just tap on the profile icon or picture and choose where to get the picture from.  Double tapping the mage puts it on the profile.

Making a call

The first icon on the left next to the skype symbol is where you can make a call by dialing a number.  It will list recent calls. Can you see the contacts icon?

Sending a text message

The second icon allow you to send a message.  Can you see the contacts icon and the send icon?

Finding people

The final button enables you to find people.  Just start typing to find their skype name.  Remember to tap the search key on the keyboard to reveal the whole screen.  When you have found someone, you can tap on them and tehn “add to contacts”.  The first stage is inviting them to be your friend.  You cannot just call them!

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