Security – part 1

Whether it be a phone, a tablet or a laptop there are different aspects to their security… and yours.

So, for the paranoid, have a look at Google’s new project:

But, there are other things to consider.

  • Don’t show off.
  • Keep your device out of sight.
  • Don’t drop it or leave it on a table in a public or accessible location.
  • Protect you device with a “bumper” and screen protector (glass is best).

On your device, you can check if you have the location service enabled by going to Apps, Google Settings, Location and/or Security and make sure that remotely locate ths device and allow remote lock and erase are enabled.

You can check that this is working by going to a computer, logging in to your google account, going to the play store and clicking on the settings box/cog on the top right hand side underneath your profile picture.  Click Find my Device.  Find My Device is an app you can download which should already be on your devices.

A similar feature is available on iPads and iPhones called find my iPhone.  Once enabled, you can log on to your icloud account where you get a similar range of facilities.

You can make the device ring for 5 minutes (useful if you have lost it) or you can lock and erase it (useful if it has been stolen).


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