Searching the Internet

You search the internet using a serach engine which is basically a massive indexing system which has a record of key words from every website.  There are loads of search engines which you can use.  Googling is synonymous with searching and is now a verb in the Oxford Dictionary but Google is only one company providing the search service.  Many search engines add their own slant to your search and try and work out what you are really wanting and they may try and sell to you as well.  The art of being ranked highly on a search engine is called SEO or search engine optimisation.  There is no single formula for this and companies spend fortunes to increase their rankings.  a ranking can vary from one search engine to another.

Common search engines:

How highly do we rate in the rankings?

When searching Choose a few of the most specific or relevant keywords or phrases to describe your topic. Utilize synonyms. Type your choice of words into the Search Bar offered by your chosen search engine.

  • Generally, capitalization and punctuation are not needed.
  • Search engines usually disregard minor words such as “the, and, to, etc.”
  • using quotation marks seaches on that exact phrase
  • using the minus symbol means ignore the next word
  • using OR finds pages that might use one of several words
  • using .. to separate two numbers will include the range between those numbers means include the next word
  • finishing a search with site:websitename will bring up results from that website only
  • using the @ symbol finds social tags such as twitter

If the website has died, you might find a copy of it in this archive:


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