My Google Account on a computer

Using your google account on a tablet gives you access to a ride range of apps and features.  It is a useful exercise to see what is going on on a large screen, namely through a computer.  You can also do this on a tablet.  Do not use the Samsung browser to try and log in.

Login the by going to that website and putting in your email details.

top rightHaving logged in you should be presented with the opening gmail screen or maybe just the google search screen, but with your name and profile icon in the top right hand corner.

To get to your mail click on “Gmail”.

The screen is split into different areas with the messages occupying the majority of the screen.  Message titles in bold have not been read.  Clicking on any title brings up the message.  When you click on the box beside of each message more options appear at the top of the message area.  Note that above the message area are 3 tabs which have automatically subdivided you messages.  You can add an additional folder here by pressing the plus button.

Note the refresh button next to the More button and on the very left, the compose button which takes you to a new screen to write a new message.

google appsIn the middle of the icons at the top right hand side of your screen should be 9 tiny squares.  If on a tablet you might have a drop down menu option title more on the top of your screen to the left. This is where you access the apps associated with your account.  Many of these you will be familiar with.  When you click on an icon it will probably open up a new tab with your app details.

Have a look at the following:

  • YouTube
  • Drive
  • Photos
  • Calendar
  • Playstore

Note the more button… and then the even more button.

put an event into calendar, edit it and then save it.

Go to the PlayStore.

Look for the cog.  Click on Android Device manager and locate your device!

Click the Apps option on the right hand side and then choose My apps.  This is where all the apps you have downloaded have been saved.  When you delete an app from your device it remains in this section.  There will be a number of apps which are not installed on your device.  Clicking on them allows you to install them automatically from your computer.  Try it. To delete an app from your device go to settings, applications (manager).  Swipe across to ALL and then scroll down to the app to be deleted/uninstalled.  Tap it and choose the appropriate action.

Download Google Calendar from the play store.  Open it. Play the explanation video and or introductory screens.    Does it have any events already in it? Is auto-sync on? You may need to open and close the calendar.

Clicking on your profile picture allows you to check and edit the details on your account, and then sign out.




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