Know the contents of your apps folder

ic_apps_black_24dpThe apps icon is where you find all the apps which are installed on your tablet.  These apps do not appear on your desktop automatically (although most that you instal manually do).  To get them to appear on your desktop, press and hold the app and then move it to whichever screen you want.  Note that on our tablets there are two tabs at the top, the second being for widgets.  To get rid of an app from the desktop simply press and hold its icon and then drag it to the bin that appears.  Anything you do with an app icon on your desktop has no bearing on the actual apps that you see behind the apps icon.  You cannot delete an app here.  To delete an app from your tablet, you must go into settings, apps find the app and then delete it.  Even this does not delete the app from your google account which means that it can be restored (if it was purchased).  The only way to get rid of an app from your account is to do so in the Google account online through the playstore section (my apps).

Have you tested all the apps in the folder?  Do we need to delete some apps from our tablets?

On Apple tablets and phones, every app appears on the desktop and to remove an app you simply press it until it “wobbles” and has a cross beside it.  Tapping the cross removes the app.

Note that not all apps can be removed from either system.

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