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Week 3 – back to email!

Setting up a new gmail account you can have more than one gmail account on an android device Setting up a new outlook/live/hotmail account Setting up a new yahoo account using the mail app on your android –  all emails in one place doing it in detail – search this website!

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Week 2 – tapping and apps

The first exercise today is to test how good your finger control is! Go to this link.  Once complete you will be in command of your fingers!  Apps and the Store Apps on your tablet are also logged on your google playstore account and do not get deleted from there.  It appears that deleting an […]

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Welcome to the new course

Welcome! The first session of this course will introduce you to the group, what we do and how it all works.  We will try and find out what you want to learn and find out how much previous knowledge you have. Next we’ll take a look at our tablets and how they work and look […]

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