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Week 3 more email

Temporary email addresses setting up an email address register an account – sign up now: First name is your Flower Last name is Boot Account name is flower77.boot@ password is Slipper2014 the postcode is YO42 4HH DOB is 1/1/1970 alternative email address is the gmail one Now add the onedrive app from […]

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Week 3 – more on the internet and your browser

Having turned your device on and connected to the internet we need to look in some more detail at your web browser: Samsung have their own browser Some devices have Google’s Chrome installed There’s also a version of Firefox for android Another popular browser is called Dolphin The Samsung browser the Tabs at the top […]

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Week 2 – Wifi, screens, apps and email

A Tablet is really best used when connected to the internet. Connecting to the internet is normally acheived either by having a SIM card in the tablet which you will be paying for or by connecting through wifi. Before doing anything else, look at the wifi settings on our tablet. Your tablet picks up the […]

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Week 1 – starting from scratch

So, you’ve just got your new tablet; what next? Let’s start with some words that will help you as your skills develop. Many of these words are simply words used in computing and the internet.  A tablet has it’s own words as well: App Tap/Double tap Pinch Home Settings Customising the Home Screen Exercise: Open […]

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