Buying tablet dilemmas

Having looked at different tablets to buy for too many hours I have come to the conclusion that the most important factor for Boot-IT is to have up to date tablets.  In other words, tablets which have the latest version of Android (v.8 in 2018), nicknamed “Oreo”.  This will give them some longevity as whatever people say and promise, even Google won’t update tablets over a certain age, partly because the “power” of the tablet cannot match the operating system.

This means spending over the odds for a tablet as the continuing trend is to super powerful large phones which csot more than tablets!  Putting tablets in a more niche market means that “features” aren’t developed as much and there are fewer products to choose from.  So, in some respects choosing a tablet has been made easier.  However, with budget limitations, some compromise is necessary.

See what we purchased at the session on December 8th where we will go through the process of setting up a new tablet.

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