Buying a tablet in 2015

The general rules for buying a tablet are the same whenever you do it.  Tablets, as with any technology always aim to be superceded, often within a year.  Currently there is a perceived “lull” in new technologies meaning that the latest devices are faster and have better cameras and screens, but basically do pretty much the same as their predecessors.  This may change with the advent of a new technology, but as an example, the “digital watch” has left many underwhelmed.

So, what to buy?

Before the lists, please use the checklist below when buying:

  • Always compare the same product on different sites.
  • search on the name of the retailer with the word voucher
  • search on the name of the retailer with the word review
  • some retailers now offer order now collect in store
  • Remember to add in carriage
  • find out who the courier is (do they have local branch/can it be left with a neighbour etc)
  • Never buy if there is no phone number or address on the website
  • make sure your email address is correct
  • never press the same button twice (to avoid double payments)
  • take a copy of your payment screen in case they don’t send you payment confirmation
  • take a note of which payment system they use (if any), such as PayPal, Sagepay etc.
  • If anything looks funny or fishy follow up immediately
    • if no email has been received
    • if no thankyou/confirmation screen has been received

Buying online has hazards: look at these websites.

Before looking at which specific model to buy, make some choices:

  • iPad, Android, Windows 8 or other
  • 7in or 10 in
  • cheap or quality
  • memory and connectivity
  • quality of screen

Quite often you can buy the same item in one of the larger electrical retailers for the same price, BUT BE SURE TO CHECK THE EXACT MODEL NUMBER as they often offer older models.

Looking at reviews:

  • Choose the model you want to check, put it into a Googlesearch with  the word review at the end. 
  • Never take just one review
  • Always base reviews on quantity (i.e. less than 5 could be fake)
  • Always look at the poor reviews.  Are the reasons thing that effect you?
  • Check if it is the supplier or the product being reviewed
  • Try to focus on UK sites

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