Adding & Editing Google Profile details

With a Google account you get a wide range of services.  When you first sign in you will note a range of buttons on the top right hand side of the screen.

gmail icons

  1. is the link to the Google + account
  2. is the link to wide range of online google apps connected to your account
  3. is the number of new messages alerts on the account
  4. share enables you to share information etc with others
  5. allows you to log out and add your own picture.  You can also link other accounts for single point login
  6. allows you to customise your views, change settings and take a tour of features
  7. not labelled – the numbers indicate how many email messages you have with navigation buttons (if you had loads of messages)

Adding a photo of yourself to your email profile:

  1. click the blue icon (5)
  2. choose change photo
  3. select how you want to find/upload the photo
  4. upload it
  5. follow the instructions for cropping – note what it says about the size of the image
  6. This photo is also used for your Google plus account

You can change all aspects of your profile


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