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File Extensions and managing your files

An underused and often misunderstood aspect of any digital device is file management.  The ability to organise files enables them to be found faster which does not matter if you only have a few, but over time they can mount up and a lack of organisation can make it hard to find them.  Different systems […]

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Create a new email address from is a very large provider of email addresses.  Download the app from the playstore.  When downloaded, simply complete the details to set up a new account (using a browser), making a note of them. When this has been accepted, logoff the browser, find the app and log in!  The settings and navigation for […]

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The Samsung Browser

Labelled Internet this is the browser which comes with many Samsung tablets.  It is not the only browser.  Find out more about browsers at Google’s Chrome is a very common browser. Edge is the new browser from Microsoft and Firefox is a freely produced one. The Samsung browser is a lightweight and efficeint browser […]

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Happy New Year 2016

Welcome to everyone – if you’re new, don’t worry, we all were once. We will cover a number of topics over the next 9 weeks, and will backtrack on many of them, so if this is your first time you willbe able to pick things up as we go along.  There is only a very […]

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Trello & Evernote

Trello is the free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone. A Trello board is basically a web page containing lists laid out horizontally on the page so you can get a bird’s eye view of your project. Items within the lists, called cards, can be dragged and dropped onto other lists or […]

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Inside Android – the settings

What you see here is taken from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 manual.  It lists all the settings.  Some of these settings can be accessed directly from the notification area/panel. Notification icons appear on the status bar at the top of the screen to report new messages, calendar events, device status, and more. Drag down […]

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